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Posted on December 17, 2023

Hello everybody ! We have created new options for changing and recovering account password.

Until today, there was a problem that people could not change or recover their password if they forgot it. But we solved this problem and created opportunities to fix this problem, now you can change your password or restore it, let's look at how this will work

As you can see this is an account and changes are already visible in it as you noticed there is a button to change the password

We have to click on that button and we will be redirected to a page where we can change our password. After clicking to this link we will see this

And there we can change the password of account and also you may think what if I forget the current password how then I will change password or can I even change it then ? Of course you can! you just have to click to the forgot password link and there you can reset your password like that

Here you need to enter the email that you entered into your account and then you will receive a code to your email with one-time use to recover your account password like that

You need to follow the link and there will be a form that will allow you to recover the password in your account

That's all you need to do to recover or change your account password.
We also added an authorization method via email, which means that each email can only be used once during authorization. We hope this post was useful to you with 💜 Cyber Code Team

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